The watch and gift products on the market today has countless types of designs and styles, each product carries its own beauty that can satisfy most taste and purposes of users. Therefore, in order to create unique personalized gifts on any material made of the watch and gift, namely as wood, ceramics, acrylic, glass, crystal, metal, etc, it is necessary to be supported with specialized laser machines and UV inkjet printers expressed their breakthrough in technology.

1. Watch

Watches are now not only apply to the time but also an ornament, represents the level of the user. You can engrave the brand logo, engrave letters, engrave patterns on the watch in detail and meticulously thanks to laser engraving technology. Engraved positions such as the front of the watch face, the ultimate leather strap or the watch strap, are delicate to the smallest detail.

2. Gift industry

2.1. Corporate gifts

The corporate gifts are products used for gifting purposes in business environment aiming at expressing gratitude to customers, honoring individuals of employees and community for their excellent performance during working or dedication process in all aspects of life, etc...

Laser technology is applied for this industry primarily to engrave, cut personalized informations related to recipients namely their achievements, dedication or gratitude. Gift products mainly applied laser technologies such as plaque, trophy, medal, badge, or other corporate donations for a certain gifting purposes of all subjects.

Laser Applications:

  • Engraving logos, giver and receiver’s information
  • Engraving receiver’s accomplishment, grateful messages

2.2. Personal Gifts

Laser engraving and cutting technology in gift industry is an ideal method to create meaningful personalized gifts. The information personalized by laser technology namely as images, text, photos, or any other personal information that you want to display on the gift given to your loved ones are also personalized quickly and easily by modern laser engraving & cutting technology.

The gifts are mainly presented in special occasions such as birthdays, christmas, graduation, new years, or for any other specific purposes, and are the simplest and the most meaningful way to receivers themselves.

Gifts personalized by laser technology mainly are picture frames, key & phone rings, jewelry, wooden calendar and usb, engraved pens, or other products suitable with all receivers at all ages.

Laser applications:

To cut edges, cut for making shape of gift, cut for decorating gifts made of such materials as wood, metal, Acrylic, Crystal, paper...

Engraving receiver’s personal information, messages.

  • Personalizing receiver’s information, photos upon request.
  • Engraving normal or 3D images, photos.

With the diversity and complexity of design and form of the gift nowadays, the gift personalization is becoming more important and necessary than ever before since it is aimed at raising the meaning and value of the gift that only the advanced laser technology can do.

2.3. UV inkjet Printing applications

Today, UV Inkjet printing technology is being widely used in the gift industry that marked a new breakthrough in the production processing of gift products and got a wide range of significant benefits. In particular, the UV printing technology allows you to directly print on your gifts made of many materials such as acrylic, glass, wood, metal, etc... with excellent quality.

In addition, UV printing technology also creates brilliant and sharp images, does not require processing methods namely coating or heat treatment before and limiting usage of other printing devices, supports functions of white-ink printing on transparent material and coating cancel (optional) to enhance the durability of gift, and supports reverse printing on the back of transparent material to enhance the depth of printing for gifts.

With the UV Inkjet printing technology, you can personalize on your gift products easily with such information as photos, texts, logos, 3D images, or any other information that is appropriate for your purposes.


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