Laser Applications in Industrial. Laser is an acronym of "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation", a tremendous contribution of physics to science and technology in 20th century.

It is applied in many industries, and currently an indispensable solution in mostly all matters about high-tech cutting and engraving.

As a leading brand in utilizing and providing integrated engraving solution of high quality in Vietnam, Namson Laser is proud to be an organization that always gains trust and support from customers in industries.

Quality in projects of which Namson is in charge is assured in industrial standard, complying with ISO-2015 certified work process to bring suitable quality products and optimize expense for enterprises.


Laser processing technology on household electronics - semiconductor appliances is becoming more popular because of its characteristics of high speed, flexible and precise marking, especially of permanent, inerasable and unable to falsify marking ability. In the marking process, the information about quality standards or information concerning products, characters, text or code can be generated easily and quickly on most devices with higher degree of accuracy than any other processing method.

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Laser technology is considered as a precise and fast method in processing material and becoming more essential in the field of medical & dentist instruments manufacturing. Laser markers are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics & medical industry to apply identification marks, tracking data, and expiration date information to products and packaging. Such verification is, in particular, intended to reduce the globally increasing fraction of low-grade product copies.

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Laser is applied wonderfully in the jewelry industry in order to make the sophisticated details without causing any damages to the jewelry. In addition to the advantages in terms of its features for jewelry manufacturing and processing, laser technology also provides jewelry industry with many other advantages such as clean marking, chemicals and waste-free during production process, thus does not affect marking material and not pollute the environment.

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The watch and gift products on the market today has countless types of designs and styles, each product carries its own beauty that can satisfy most taste and purposes of users. Therefore, in order to create unique personalized gifts on any material made of the watch and gift, namely as wood, ceramics, acrylic, glass, crystal, metal, etc, it is necessary to be supported with specialized laser machines and UV inkjet printers expressed their breakthrough in technology.

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Laser is one of the great inventions in science and technology in the 20th century in physics. Lasers are increasingly popular and used in many industries, including the Education industry.

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