With the advantage of a manufacturer in Vietnam, Namson Laser believes in providing optimal laser machine solutions for investment costs along with a consulting service, research companion, in-depth support. and conscientious.


Nam Son Laser is the exclusive distributor of many world famous laser machine brands such as Coherent, GCC, Epilog, Trumpf … Come to Nam Son, you can completely trust the origin and quality of the machine.

Almost 20 years of development in the field of laser machine, Nam Son Laser understands the needs and desires of customers when looking for to our solutions.

The machine lines at Nam Son Laser are diverse in types, industries and functions, to meet all requirements on use lasers on the market. Along with that, we provide specific laser components / supplies and solutions for each specific industry group.

Product advantage at Nam Son Laser

  • The laser solution is the technology of the future
  • Activating auxiliary technology for modern manufacturing and new industries
  • Quality-oriented products to meet the needs of each target segment in the market
  • The product is consulted based on experience in each field, ensuring a practical and effective solution
  • Flexible products customize to best suit your existing production model
  • A team of technicians and product research are well trained, experienced and highly qualified

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