Laser surface cleaning is a non-contact/non-abrasive process that can replace the use of chemicals or abrasive cleaning. No chemicals are used and there is no secondary waste produced in this process.

Clean, even surface – this is the basic requirement for successful and durable welding and adhesive connections. That being said, components often become contaminated, oxidize, or are covered in protection layers prior to the joining process. The laser provides a remedy for this: the non-contact tool frees components of dirt and oxidation/functional layers within seconds. And it does this only in areas where joining is meant to take place, for example, or where the functional layer is no longer needed.

Laser cleaning for shapes

Laser cleaning cleaning a tire mold

Laser surface cleaning can be used for micro-scale or large-scale cleaning surfaces in different applications. The potential applications range in size from large commercial aircraft to microchips typically cleaning the contact areas of plugs and pads and removal of the insulation layer in cables for the electronics industry; surface cleaning of mold in the rubber and tire manufacturing industries; and large area stripping of paints from buildings, bridges, aircraft or ships where the use of chemical solvents is restricted.

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