Namson Laser – Engineering and Technology LLC, whose precursor is Engraving – Decorating LLC Nam Son, was founded on September 12th, 2002.

Realizing the Vietnamese market was lacking a leading laser solution, since 2012, Namson has bravely invested in research and development for our own Vietnam laser brand which is now Namson Laser.

With our strong and in-depth experience as well as the oriented development in which our priority is the quality of products, we, Namson Laser, step by step, have won the customers’ trust. We strongly believe and confide in ourselves, our creation, and our power, all of which belong to a Vietnam LLC.

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Now we can say with high pride that Namson Laser not only supplies optimal integrated laser solutions but we are also the leading expert in researching and developing breakthrough marking technology.



Technology Updates

The innovation in laser welding technology The innovation in laser welding technology makes it possible to join two optically clear plastic parts for the first time. Previously, laser welding required…

Post date 17 March, 2021
Technology Updates

Laser cleaning uses a focused laser beam to rapidly vaporize or strip the contaminants on a material’s surface. Compared with other traditional physical or chemical cleaning methods, laser cleaning is…

Technology Updates

The electronics industry is characterised by a relentless drive to deliver increased miniaturisation and higher functionality. This impacts virtually every level of electronics fabrication, including two critical micromachining steps in…

Technology Updates

There are plenty of Made-in-Vietnam products that have high-quality and highly-appreciated by international professionals. However, they become bankrupted, oblivious or make Vietnamese feel doubtful and cautious due to ‘Made-in-Vietnam’ tag. In 2013, Vietnam…


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