Lasers that are used as cutting and welding tools have become indispensable for general machine construction. There is hardly a sector today where lasers are not successfully proving their value, offering a variety of benefits in industrial production. Thanks to clean cut edges, reliable weld seams and flexible guidance systems, high-power lasers have conquered a considerable market share, especially in sheet metal processing.

1. Laser Cutting In The Machine Tool Industry

High processing speeds, smooth cutting surfaces and an easy programming make laser cutting interesting for Machine Tool Industry. Here, sheets of different thicknesses and tubes and profiles with diverse geometries are cut. The laser provides an efficient and quick processing of even small batch sizes, quickly changing errands and different materials. Almost all metallic materials can be processed with the common cutting machines, whereas construction steel, stainless steel and aluminum define an essential part.


2. Laser Welding In The Machine Tool Industry

Compared to conventional welding methods the laser welding offers diverse advantages. Due to the great possibility of automatization, the contact-free processing and high welding speeds the user will be able to achieve economical advantages quickly. Today, laser welding is more and more applied in production process and gives lots of benefits for machine tool industry. 

Laser welding seams resist even the biggest strain and therefore allow for example the shaping of longitudinally welded tubes. Static load tests with such tubes show that cracks come up initially at non-welded parts of the material.

3. Laser Marking In Mechanical Engineering

Durable and Resistant to Wear and Tear Annealing is used with all metals which show a color change when exposed to heat and oxygen. The laser marker selectively heats up small spots of the workpiece surface until annealing colors appear. Annealing leaves the material surface unharmed but still produces high-contrast, clearly legible laser markings.


  • Marking barcodes, 2D barcode, logos, Lot No., Series No., product information, etc...

  • Marking on automotive parts, or on machine tools.

  • Laser Marking of Cutting Blades

Mechanical engineering often makes use of highly resistant components whose manufacturing process has to be completely traceable due to quality assurance requirements. Wherever commonplace marking methods are inflexible, slow or prone to wear, laser annealing or engraving is the solution.


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