Với các dòng máy tiêu biểu: Namson PowerMARK, PowerWELD, máy khắc, cắt, hàn laser Namson được tạo ra với nhiều ưu điểm như thiết kế đơn giản, chắc chắn, tốc độ cắt, khắc nhanh trên nhiều vật liệu, dễ tích hợp vào quy trình sản xuất công nghiệp

In addition to the technology transfer and distribution of the world’s leading brands of laser machines such as Coherent, Epilog, GCC … Nam Son Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. (Namson Engineering) has continuously invested in research and manufacturing laser machines in the direction of large capacity, automation, saving operating costs named Namson Laser.

Nam Son Engineering Co., Ltd (Namson Engineering) is proud to be a pioneer in the field of manufacturing and trading laser machines Made In Vietnam. Namson Laser branded products are researched and created based on the actual needs of Vietnamese enterprises. Manufacturing components and accessories are imported directly from Europe’s leading prestigious brands …

Namson Laser factory is equipped with the most advanced machinery system in Vietnam. Moreover, the factory is also consulted and improved the production process under the Support Program to improve production capacity and product quality of Samsung in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. With the direct participation of in-house consulting in 2 months by a delegation of innovation experts led by 2 production directors of Samsung Korea.

In order to master technology and design, Namson Laser has invested in building an R&D Center, improving daily product research and development capacity. Not only that, Namson Laser also entered into a joint venture and partnered with partners to receive and transfer new technologies to improve the technology content in products and receive technical support to produce laser machines with suitable quality. suitable and competitive price, to meet the needs of customers.

With the outstanding product lines including Namson PowerMARK, PowerWELD, Namson’s laser marking, cutting, welding machines have many strong points such as simple, firm design, high cutting, marking speed on a wide range of materials, easy integration into industrial production.


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