High-Power Direct-Diode Industrial Laser System

5 kW and 10 kW Direct-Diode laser power with flexible beam shape, ideal for heat treating and cladding applications.

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Thông tin chi tiết

Coherent’s direct-diode laser series, its HighLight D-Series, delivers both high power and an increased range of “smart” output beam shapes, making it the ideal source for laser heat treating, cladding, and welding applications-all at faster speeds, greater deposition rates and larger areas.
Video laser cladding
Laser cladding
Laser cladding
In cladding and heat treating applications, the higher power and longer line beam of the HighLight D-Series lasers increase production speeds to new benchmark levels, allowing larger areas to be processed in a single pass.
In laser cladding,the HighLight D-Series yields a higher material deposition rate (up to 20 lbs/hour).
The newest member of this series, the HighLight 10000D provides up to 10 kW of direct-diode power at 975 nm, and is the leading direct-diode laser system currently available with free space beam delivery (no fiber-coupling needed). Free space beam delivery preserves the inherent brightness of the diode laser source and enables the use of an optical system with a large (275 mm) working distance.
The unique design of the HighLight D-Series’ compact laser head enables a wide range of output beam size options that won’t restrict application deployment.
Laser cladding

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