Coherent Meta 5C is flexible CO2 laser machine for cutting and engraving of acrylic, wood, and other organic materials, as well as thin metals.

  • Motion management
  • Gull wing doors
  • Optional vision system
  • Optional pallet automation
  • New graphical user interface


Electronics – Semiconductor
Pharmaceutic - Cosmetic – Medical
Laser cutting / laser micro cutting
Acrylic, Crystal, Paper



Coherent Meta 5C is not only a flatbed Laser Cutting machine but also flexible CO2 laser machine for cutting and engraving of acrylic, wood, and other organic materials, as well as thin metals.


This flatbed laser cutter delivers a unique combination of:

  • Compact physical size
  • Low operating cost
  • Ease-of-use
  • High operational versatility


This makes it useful for processing a broad mix of materials, ranging from metals and plastics, to organic materials like leather, textiles, or wood. Rapid switching between jobs without the downtime of lengthy setup supports economical production of lot sizes from single units to volumes of over 1000 pieces.



The META 5C laser cutting machine integrates:

  • 250 W or 450 W CO2 laser
  • CNC controller
  • Beam delivery system,
  • Assist gas delivery system
  • Laser cutting head


All factors contained in a highly compact frame with a table size of 4’ x 4’ (1.2 m x 1.2 m).


The higher power model is capable of cutting and marking metals, such as stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. Both models readily cut, mark, and engrave a wide range of non-metal materials, such as wood, plastics, rubber, thin films, composites, and other organics, in thicknesses of up to 1.25” (31.75 mm). The job files can be supplied to the system in DXF, DWG, AI, HPGL, Gerber, JPG, BMP or TIF format. These files are then converted to a machine control file with the appropriate laser power settings and cutting speeds for optimized production.


Material can be rapidly loaded into the machine, and is held in place by a vacuum bed. An integrated smart vision system identifies fiducial marks on the work piece. These enable cutting that’s referenced to existing features on material regardless of its orientation in the machine, thus eliminating the need to position material with high precision. The software can even scale or distort the cutting pattern to correct for any dimensional changes in the material from the originally specified values.


Flexible, High-Speed Precision

The META 5C is a versatile solution for precision cutting of a broad mix of materials, ranging from thin metals to non-metal materials like plastics and organics, including leather, textiles, and wood (up to 31.75 mm).

Simple user interface  

The simple user interface and CAM software simplify work setup, increase productivity, and provide greater file development flexibility

Various environments and markets 

This versatile CO2 laser cutting system finds its way into a broad variety of environments and markets including defense, point of sale displays, electronics, white goods, medical devices, consumer displays, job shops, and R&D labs (commercial, academic, and governmental)

Sealed-slab CO2 laser

Sealed-slab CO2 laser for high power, low operating cost, and long life.

Motion management 

Built-in routines for motion management to facilitate process setup and operation

Gull wing doors 

Gull wing doors for complete access to the large work area from the front or rear of the machine

Optional vision system 

Optional vision system for precise fiducial alignment of prepatterned substrates

Optional pallet automation 

Optional pallet automation for substantially higher throughput (load/unload while processing the next sheet)

New graphical user interface

All new graphical user interface for easy job setup and job queue management


*The specifications can be changeable.

Center Wavelength1 (nm) (nominal) 250/750450/1800
Laser Wavelength (µm) 9.410.6
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1630 x 1990 x 1320 mm (64.2 x 78.4 x 52.0 in.)
Weight 1136 kg (2250 lbs.)
Cutting Height 1020 mm (40.0 in.)
Working Rangex = 1220 mm (48.0 in.)
y = 1220 mm (48.0 in.)
z = 300 mm (12.0 in.)
Maximum Speed 50,800 mm (2000 in.)/min. cutting

91,500 mm (3600 in.)/min. rapid positioning
50,800 mm (2000 in.)/min. raster engraving

Positioning Linear encoders with 2 micron resolution in closed loop with brushless servo motors
Accuracy (2) 25 μm (0.001 in.) positioning accuracy

5 μm (0.0002 in.) repeatability

Contouring Full look-ahead contouring capability
Materials Acrylic, Aluminum, Ceramic, MDF, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Wood
Software Interface Windows 10 support
Coreo Command HMI Software program: G-code support
Optional Coreo Design and Build CAD/CAM
Software with a True Shape Nesting option” AI, BDG, BMP, DXF, DWG, Gerber, JPG, LMC, TIF, XML file import
Full geometry editing in the CAM package, partial in the HMI
Editable database of laser parameters including universal parameter change saves
and new parameter addition
Job estimator software
Job management software
Cutting Pallets Removable pallet system with front and rear pass-through

Honeycomb or points work support

Pallet Area 1.2 x 1.2 m (48 x 48 in.)
Laser PowerControl Digital laser power control
Power proportional to velocity
Auto-focus, capacitive height control for metal substrates
Exhaust/Vacuum BedVacuum material hold-down plenum
External high pressure exhaust blower required
Cooling External chiller required (offered as an option)
PC/File Server Windows/Ethernet
Power (VAC) 30A 40A
208 to 240, 47 to 63 Hz, three-phase, can be tapped for 400V
Safety Safety interlocks on all covers and enclosures
Class I system (Complies with 21 CFR Chapter 1, Subchapter J)
User ControlsTouch Screen control pane
Jog, Bed height controls
Home, Park, Load buttons
Exhaust, gas assist controls
Editing of laser settings
Networked HMI workstation
Auto restart
Optional bar code reader
Environmental Ambient temperature range of 10 to 38°C (50 to 100°F)
Laser Tool Capabilities Raster engraving, marking, and cutting
RegulatoryCompliance CE marked



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