1. Laser Cutting

1.1. Laser fabric cutting

Fabric laser cutting is quickly becoming a very popular nowadays due to some advantages during cutting process like cutting edges burning ability in comparison with other equipments. In addition, laser machines can make eye-catching and professional appliqués on clothing and can be applied on such materials as natural fabric, fibers, synthetic leather, or even on nylon.


  • Cutting Appliqués with high accuracy and dedicated cutting.
  • Cutting micro details with high accuracy and aestheticisms.

  • Cutting patterns and motifs and punching holes on fabric materials.

In general, laser will burn fabric materials take nylon as an example in cutting process so that no fray is required (fray-free), it can cut fabric with small or large quantity and with high accuracy and absolute likeness. This ability can reduce disadvantages of other method during cutting process in the areas of coats and sport cloths manufacturies.


*What are the benefits of laser cutting fabric?

  • The highly accurate precision cut of a laser provides you with great consistency and control.
  • The cut edge is cleanly seared.
  • Increased speed and higher cutting throughput.
  • Automated and computer-controlled cutting ability.
  • An extremely small cut width allows for precise, detailed work.
  • Excellent product appearance.

1.2. Laser leather, PVC cutting

Engraving patterns or micro-motifs and punching hole on fabric products.

2. Laser Marking & Engraving

2.1. Laser fabric engraving

Laser can engrave letter, image with different deeps on fabric.

2.2. Laser leather, PVC engraving

Laser can engrave image or pattern on leathers, PVC fabric, etc in applications of bags or garment accessories.

2.3. Laser garment accessories engraving

Laser can engrave patterns or code date on all garment accessories.

3. Rhinestone Applications

With laser machine, you can create rhinestone molds for many applications. Just by cutting mold samples, then pour rhinestone in the mold and transferring on fabric by heat-compress machine or electric iron, you can make original and diversified fashionable samples under your purposes.


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