Laser is applied wonderfully in the jewelry industry in order to make the sophisticated details without causing any damages to the jewelry. In addition to the advantages in terms of its features for jewelry manufacturing and processing, laser technology also provides jewelry industry with many other advantages such as clean marking, chemicals and waste-free during production process, thus does not affect marking material and not pollute the environment. This is one of an essential advantage that many other methods seem unable to meet for the jewelry industry today.

The laser is the ideal tool for micro processing of precious metals. Laser technology combines precision with lowest possible mechanical and thermal load of sensitive pieces... The laser is the ideal tool for micro processing of precious metals in Jewelry industry. Laser technology combines precision in the range of 100 microns with lowest possible mechanical and thermal load of sensitive pieces such as precious unique jewels. This opens up a wide spectrum of new applications for jewelry designers or goldsmiths. With a series of outstanding applications, laser technology has become a powerful arm for jewelry industry from manufacturing to finished-product stage. It helps simplify every production process, save time, produce high quality product and make profitable to business owner.

1. Laser Cutting

1.1. Laser Cutting in Jewelry Design - Quick and Precise Cutting of Pieces with Complex Contours

Laser cutting as a software based, easy to automate cutting method, is especially suited for the production of complex parts in small-batch and large-batch productions. The high precision and small kerf width of the laser cut (smaller than 20 microns in fine sheet material) allow very small radii for the production of filigree and complex design shapes for even very small components. Minimum burr formation occur on the cut edges so that past-processing is negligible.

Depending on the laser type, all commonly used precious metal alloys and also many other materials such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, German silver, copper, wood or acrylic can be separated with high accuracy. Material thicknesses which can be processed range from thin foils up to 5 mm.

With a powerful laser cutting ability, the industrial laser machine Namson PowerMARK is able to cut as quick as lightning on almost all products, especially ones that have a narrow contact surface like bracelet, pendant, ring, etc. Moreover, laser cutting ability has almost reached the best quality when its cuts are extremely smooth, clean, precise and totally safe for both users and products, which helps your jewelry more eye-catching.

1.2. Manufacturing Support

Laser marking - welding machine can be used to assist the process of manufacturing premium jewelry by the functions of cutting and marking. Laser is used to cut the complete details (pendants, edges of the ring, etc.) or to cut/mark details that are attached on the body of the jewelry.

2. Laser Marking and Engraving

2.1. Efficient Marking and Engraving of Rings and Jewelry

The classical laser marking application surely is inside-ring engraving. Here, the precision of the laser marker allows to mark invisible micro parterns, details on every kinds of jewerly. These marks is absolutely likes the original copies, very safe and harmless for the marked copy.

The the jewerly industry, personalization on jewelries is now the most popular ability of laser technology. It makes differences for business owner and attaches customer to choose their product. In this application, laser can make patterns or images on jewelry in an extremely short time (few seconds). Therefore, customers can request to mark information such as name, greetings, images or any information on the product they chose right at the store.

In the goldsmiths studio, laser marking systems are also good for hallmarking, for inlay work or channel setting and the marking for bevel settings. This characteristic enhances awareness of trade mark for products, avoids tampering that affects business owner’s prestige and customer’s confidence in product.

2.2. Pattern Marking, Personalized Marking

Laser is capable of marking letters and images with the identified depth. It works quickly (several seconds), which satisfies customers who expect to mark names, fingerprints, wishes, photos on the jewelry right at the store. By this way, stores would be different from others to attract more customers coming to buy jewelry.

2.3. Gold marking

Hall marker on gold was born to prevent fraud of purity level and counterfeit on the market. Many policies and innovative technologies in manufacturing and processing jewelry have been created, gaining certain success. Specifically, the laser hall marker which has been applied widely recently has many advantages:

  • Hall marker using laser technology, cold marking technology helps keep the product clean and smooth after processing.
  • Able to mark on flat or curved surface, or very small surface.
  • Noncontact hall marking is conducted simply through the use of innovative Fiber Laser technology.
  • Causes no damages to the product during the process, which is easy to happen if using the manual marking tool as before.
  • No other processing is needed after using the laser marker.
  • The hallmarks of gold purity are durable and accurate for the inspection process even after the polishing.

3. Laser Welding

The specific features of manual welding systems have revolutionized manufacturing and repair work in the jewelry industry. Workpieces are manually positioned in a working chamber and viewed through a microscope with crosshair. They are permanently spot welded making expensive clamps or time-consuming wire binding unnecessary.

4. Laser Machine For Personalizing Wedding Rings

4.1. Sophisticated details and patterns

A laser machine would help create rings completely different from the traditional ones. It marked on the gorgeous patterns, from simple to complicated ones, showing the owner's interests... Re-tip jewelry with the clean point of welding. Can be used to fill porosity/crack and resize rings.

4.2. Name and wedding date

This is a commonly traditional idea of any couple when they are in love, engaged and married. However, your ring would be more elegant when processed by the innovative laser machine. It can mark any theme fonts on the ring precisely and smoothly, fitting your interest and the size of the ring.

4.3. The symbol of love

A symbol is sometimes more powerful than any other beautiful words. A heart, a lucky symbol or any meaningful symbol would appear impressively on the ring through the use of the professional laser machine.

4.4. Message

A simple yet meaningful message should be taken into consideration when personalized by this laser marker.

4.5. Nickname

Lovely nicknames that you two use to call each other are also a good idea for your day. With the long lasting marks of a laser machine, these nicknames would always be there with you.


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