In goods industry, product packaging is considered as an important factor no less than the product itself because it affects most of the purchasing decisions of consumers. A modern packaging must be made its information visible and clear to match with preserving purpose, or must be easy-open for consumers as well. On the other hand, the packaging should also be designed to suit with the using purposes of manufacturers relating to transportation safety and ease, hygiene, eye-catching designs when displayed on their shelf, and to facility the preparation and processing process. These are all the essential requests for a modern and standard packaging either on quality or using purposes that Laser technology fully can do.

Their usual types such as soft drinks, juice fruit, milk, etc... and bottled wine or beer are able to applied laser technology in their production chain. All types of Brewing & Beverage are daily-used products. When using them, we often care about some details such as its expiry date, brand, origin, etc... beside its quality. These are usually made easily and fast through the use of advanced laser engraving technology. Laser technology can be applied in the production chain of beverage and brewing such as soft drinks, juice fruit, milk, bottled wine and beer to mark codes, expiration date, series No., etc... anywhere on the containers.

1. Laser Marking

1.1. Barcodes - Expiry date

The above range of cutting edge laser marking solutions have brought the bottled water industry significant benefits. Permanent durability, non-toxic to the product nor polluting the environment, these are outstanding advantages that laser technology brings to this industry today.

The most common applications are:

  • Marking, expiry date directly on the shell, or on any position of the bottle or container (Often used to replace inkjet printing method to ensure product quality and safety).
  • Engrave code date on the label attached to the body, box.
  • Carve on all materials of bottles, packaging, labels such as: Plastic and PET, metal, glass...

1.2. Print stamping fruit labels by laser

Laser marking on fruit is the simplest, fastest, most economical and safest solution available today, contributing to increasing product value, creating trust for users as well as enhancing supplier and reputation. sell. Therefore, it's time to change and choose the best laser solution for you. This solution has brought many incredible benefits for both consumers and suppliers such as:

  • Friendly with environment: No harm to the environment by not using chemicals, not creating industrial waste
  • Consumable savings: Save the cost of buying supplies such as ink, stamp paper or glue.
  • Flexibility in stamp printing: Flexible in the production of label stamps because it can be printed on any position of a fruit or vegetable and printed at any time.
  • Permanent durability: Create labels with permanent durability, not easy to erase, not peeling like when sticking with paper.

1.3. Track and Trace

Applying laser technology to traceability: Series No., barcode, name, date of manufacturing or expiry, etc... is made by laser marking are extremely useful for manufacturer in case of loss. The marks engraved by laser marking technology can not be forged or changed easily with strong anti-counterfeiting to certain extent.

1.4. Trademark identification

Trademark identification (for anti-counterfeit purpose): laser marking in this case is included marking logo, trade mark, manufacturer or distributor’s names, symbols showed quality, purity of goods, etc...

2. Labelling & Packaging

2.1. Make packagings easy to open – “EASY OPEN” ability

Nowadays, laser technology is used largely in the packaging industry to directly mark code, expiry date on product packaging, often used to replace the inkjet printing in order to bring higher quality of packagings. Laser engraving or marking technology is also applied flexibly on a variety of different packaging materials such as plastic, metal, glass, paper, etc... and offer a certain effective for that packaging. The following applications are what laser technology can provide to packaging manufacture of any enterprise.

Currently, packagings may include one or more functional layers, PET resin, take examples, will help increase hardness and keep fragrance for products, PE layer is to close and protect pakaging from tearing, PP layer for anti-evaporation and aluminum layer used to protect product against harmful factors from outdoor environment.

Therefore, Easy-Open functionality made by laser technology will make the surface layer of pakagings weaken to help users easily open the product pakaging. However, this character does not affect the product quality inside.

2.2. Make a micro-holes on packagings

Today, prolonging using time and ensuring freshness of food is considered important, therefore, to make the food fresher by air exchanging with the environment is another laser marker ability made by punching a series of micro- holes on pakagings.

It is said that laser technology has really brought a wide range of new solutions for packaging manufacturing industry through the mentioned – above applications. As a result, laser technology has once again confirmed the role and achievements in the field of the new industry - packaging manufacture, bringing more convenience for manufacturers and peace of mind for consumers when using a product.


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