G-Series CO2 lasers feature a compact, solid-state integrated amplifier making it the smallest peak power-size ratio on the market.

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Coherent's DIAMOND G-Series CO2 lasers are available in a unique, integrated OEM package, and operate in a pulsed mode up to 100 kHz. G-Series lasers are based on diffusion-cooled, slab technology that enables a compact, sealed and scaleable laser to be housed within a single resonator.

Coherent DIAMOND G-Series

The G-100 lasers feature a compact, solid-state amplifier integrated with an all-metal tube in one assembly. This makes it the laser with the best peak power-size ratio in the market. Designed for easy integration, these lasers feature both a universal mounting rail and a built-in optical mounting rail (component mounting structure). The all-metal design is robust and requires no consumables. A DC power supply is available as an option.

Key applications for these laser systems are cutting of plastics and fabrics (i.e. leather), high speed marking (i.e. buttons or denim), ceramic scribing, engraving and medical surgery and skin resurfacing.


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  • DIAMOND GEM-Series

    DIAMOND GEM-Series

    GEM-Series 100W CO2 lasers are available at 9.6, 10.2 and 10.6 microns and deliver exceptional value, performance and reliability.

  • DIAMOND J-Series

    DIAMOND J-Series

    The J-Series CO2 lasers, built on a common platform, pack a host of high performance features ideal for high demanding materials processing applications.

  • DIAMOND E-Series

    DIAMOND E-Series

    E-Series CO2 lasers are sealed, pulsed lasers offering up to 1000 Watts of average power in a fully integrated compact package.