• How lasers work?

    How lasers work?

    Articles on solutions and instruction below will show you how our laser systems make your work easier.

  • By Brands

    By Brands

    Namson Laser specializes in manufacturing Vietnamese laser markers - Namson PowerMARK, and we are also the exclusive distributor of models from leading laser manufacturers such as Coherent, SPI, Epilog, GCC.

  • By Types

    By Types

    Over 13 years of development, Namson's products have been increasingly diversified in quantity including:

  • By Industries

    By Industries

    With capability of working on all materials, our laser machines has been applied in many areas with an affordable price.


Why Namson?

Pioneer in Laser Technology in Vietnam

Established since 2002, Namson Laser was known as a pioneer in lasers supplying customers with a series of laser products such as laser marker/ cutter/ welder.

The First Vietnamese Laser Manufacturer

Namson Laser was known as not only an agent for world’s biggest laser brands, but also a Vietnamese First Laser Manufacturer in the field. Namson PowerMARK was the most featured laser marker made by Namson in 2012.

Professional Customer's Services

• Give advices on solutions for laser integration into industrial production chains; • Give remote guidance and immediate support in case of customer’s request; • Suggest most appropriate solutions in case of sudden maintenance or repair; • Quickly replace laser components as required since they are available at Namson.

Well-known Laser Brands' Distributor

Namson Laser is currently exclusive distributing agent for the world’s leading laser brands such as Epilog – USA, GCC LaserPro – Taiwan, Coherent - USA, SPI Laser - UK, etc.


  • "With Laser, the cut result is precise and assembled perfectly. This is “THE FUTURE”, a local architect from Cape Town said after contacting the university to make the use of laser a cost for time used."

    Architect from Cape Town University – Customer of GCC LaserPro
  • The Viet-branded laser marker that can make such quality of marking is completely well, it is also affordable, and especially your customer care service is professional. So, I am completely satisfied with the machine and services by Namson Laser.

    Mr. Trong (Director) - Kim Tin jewelry Store (Cao Bang Prov.)
  • After making a change of using the Laser Marker - Namson PowerMARK, I found that it ran faster, created nice and fine quality of marks that made our product much more eye-catching. In particular, the supporter of Namson Laser are very enthusiastic, sociable, and extremely cute, I feel that.

    Mrs Hieu (an operator) – NghiaNipper Company
  • I like it so much; it is compact and easy to use, creates fast and fine marks. The important thing that makes me most satisfied is the attitude of Namson supporters; they are enthusiastic, energetic, especially always give quickly and timely support.

    Mr. Dat (an operator) – Dinh Quoc Company - Hanoi
  • Since I have used the PowerMARK Laser Marker, I’ve noticed that it had many advantages such as fast and powerful marking speed, good quality of marking, it is easy to use than some of that we have been using. Therefore, I feel very satisfied with it.

    Mr. Canh (an operator) – Nidec Copal Company – District 9
  • In fact, I really didn’t know how to deal with a huge number of gifts on the increase every year without the supporters – Three Epilog Laser machines. They operated durably and well for five years until now, and offered the best quality of engraving.

    Mrs Khoa Trang. Vietgift Company
  • I’ve used the mini laser of GCC LaserPro for nearly nine years and it has still operating well until now. It is the fact that the laser has given us a wide range of business opportunities and made my job more and more interesting.

    Mr. Phuong Phan/ Phan Phuong Laser Company

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